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  We have included several articles on this page about minerals and associated areas of interest such as Paleantology, Archaeology, Meteorites and Earth Sciences.

Should you have an article on minerals or mineral collecting, geology, paleantology or archaeology and would like us to include it on our site, we would like to hear from you. This is a great way to share your knowledge with the visitors to our site. We will give full credit for your work and a link to your web site.

Mineral Collectors' Glossary
by George Campbell

Aegirine and Associated Minerals from Mount Malosa, Malawi
by Bruce Cairncross

A Forgotten Mineral Treasure - the Phalaborwa Complex
by Allan Fraser

Glacial Pavements at Barkly West
by Allan Fraser
Adventures of a Rockhound in Italy
by Allan Fraser

To Clean or Not to Clean Specimens
by George Campbell

Age of the Earth
by William L. Newman

Geology or oblivion - a self-help guide
by Claus Hedegaard

Measuring Geologic Time: Lead - the Most Precise Timepiece on Earth
by Allan Fraser

What is a Meteorite?
by Mike Farmer

The Martians have Landed
by Francois Durand

Trading Minerals
by George Campbell

Sharing Your Collection
by George Campbell

Why That Price for That Specimen?
by George Campbell

Snowball Earth Phenomenon
by Robert Tindol

Manganvesuvianite & tweddillite - minerals from the Kalahari Manganese Fields, RSA
Mineralogical Magazine, Feb 2002, Vol 66(1), pp. 137-150

A spectacular Poldervaartite discovery
by Bruce Cairncross

Reivilo and the Stone-Breakers
by Allan Fraser

Witwatersrand Gold - 3 Billion Years Old
Source: University of Arizona
Date posted: 9/16/2002