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The following is feedback from our customers:
  • I just received your package containing the " dioptase" specimen i had ordered from you.I just wanted to let you know that it is even better than you described , and that i truly appreciate the way you do business,from your prompt responses to my numerous e-mails to your kindness and patience. I am a picky and hard to please custumer,and i rarely send notes like this unless i am truly impressed. Once again thank you,i'll definitely order again from you and recommend your business when ever I can. John, Florida
  • "Allan's poldervaarite on matrix is a beaut! A true keeper in the best sense of the word, it is a favorite...who can resist its raspberry hues? Other of Allan's sendings have found their way to collections of appreciative fellow traders, and a large, matrix cream-colored poldervaarite is now in the collection of a Virginia university. I look forward eagerly to more trades with Allan in the years ahead."Frank, Virginia
  • I had the occasion to do some business with one Allan Fraser over the internet,concerning a lot of South African Quartzes.I have never met Mr. Fraser or talked with him personally,but still found him to be quite friendly in his correspondence,helpful with my questions and professional in my search for minerals from his locale.The quality of goods sent to me by him met his stated description and exceeded my expectations.The lot was well packed for it's journey halfway around the world and arrived with no incidental damages.I am certainly well pleased with what I received and plan to acquire more goods from him as my budget and business allow.I would encourage anyone to do business from him, as I feel he is trustworthy and operates from the love of the minerals first.I am well pleased to recommend him to others and have benefited from his existence in this forum. John, Utica, NY
  • The Apophyllites arrived in great shape and they are very pretty in my cabinet. The orange crystal helps broaden the range of colors I have. If you should run into more orange or,especially odd colors please contact me. In meantime keep up with your new posting emails. P.S. Thanks for the gift - the little stilbite offers some nice micro material. Mel, Washington.
  • Great web page, very easy to naviagate! Nice selection of minerals. Neil, Wisconsin
  • Just received my parcel of Poldervaartite and Dioptase and I am very pleased with them. They look great in my cabinet. John, California
  • Hi Allan, At first I took the specimen I purchased from you as Fluorapatite, and kept my query of the rarity of its pink colour even when I found that it was Hydroxyapophyllite, because the Handbook of Mineralogy seemed ambivalent on this. I accept now that my $180 was reasonably justified for the specimen. Colin, Scotland.
  • Hi Allan, I must say that I am very pleased with the Namibian Descloizites I bought from you. The Rosh Pinah Barites are also truly stunning. Got more of the Rosh Pinah stuff? Jack, Reno, Nevada.
  • Just got the minerals and they are gorgeous!!!! Thank you kindly! I cant wait till i pay off my credit card so i can buy more, Sean, Naugatuck, CT
  • Allan, you have a beautiful web site. One of the best I have seen. Roger, USA
  • I really appreciate your efforts in making all of the photos of the Mn Vesuvianite specimens for me. I like all of them! Sharon, California.
  • Hi Allan,I am happy to anounce that my order has arrived. Everything was ok and I am very lucky with these beauties. Your service is excellent and it was a pleasure to purchase with you. Especially I am taken with the Amethyst tree and have posed it on my desk of my office in front of me. Thanks again for your kind service and the time you dedicated to my extra wishes, Scharif, Austria
  • My order arrived today in great shape for such delicate specimens. These are all I hoped for, thanks to your excellent packing job. Thanks,Bill, USA
  • Minerals arrived safely. Bultfonteinites extremely spectacular! Andy, Australia
  • Congratulations on your award! Well-earned from a client's perspective by quality specimens and service, as well as attention to such details as timely, detailed and friendly replies to clients questions and needs, all augmented by shear hard work I'm sure. I wish you many more years of success, and I'm sure, fun in the business. Mel, Washington
  • Allan your site is very professional, interesting and detailed. Only a pleasure to visit. Wishing you well for the future. Bob Fraser
  • Your package arrived sure packaged the items well. That is appreciated. The 2 specimens will make a nice addition to our collection. I 'll look forward from purchasing from you in the future. Howard,MA, USA
  • I was extremely impressed by your gift that is so beautiful and...unexpected. The Goethite is even more beautiful than I have seen in the photo and all may family was enthusiastic about it. Once more thanks for the beautiful specimens. Theodor
  • I looked all over the internet to find minerals... lets just say I hit the jack pot! your site is very detailed, presented and photographed. Your contact information is easy to understand, and your specimens are so well kept, it's stunning. Tristan

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