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Arizona Skies Meteorites
Arizona Skies Meteorites provides high quality meteorites to museums, educators and the general public along with information about various meteorite falls.

Athena Minerology Page
The Athena Minerology Page features a wealth of minerological data including searchable databases.

Creetown Gem Rock Museum in Scotland
Learn about gemstones, crystals, rocks and minerals from this useful guide. Information on rocks, minerals, gemstones and crystals. Discover how a crystal is formed and learn about mineral identification, cutting gemstones and more

Crystal Art

Cynthia?s Gemstones
Tammy Widjaja, Cynthia?s & Tika?s 2006 Site on Gemstones.

Dakota Matrix Minerals
Specialising in the minerals from the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Dinosaur specimen
A new dinosaur specimen unearthed in the Liaoning Province of China demonstrates exceptional preservation of integumentary structures akin to primitive feathers.

Gemstones of Jewelry
Surrender my heart, body and soul? It?s all in the Jewelry Gemstone.

Hummingbird Minerals

Fine cabinet size minerals, crystals and rocks, for collectors with an eye for beauty and quality, at a reasonable price. Satisfaction guaranteed or return for full refund, including cost of shipping. Specimens include Rhodocrosite, Rogerley Mine fluorite, Chalcopyrite, Elmwood Sphalerite,Aquamarine, Vanadinite, Wulfenite and many more.

Italian Minerals
Alessandro Genazzani's, Italian Minerals for collectors

Metallogenic Lexicon
Metallogenic Lexicon has a searchable list of large number of minerals.

An excellent magazine devoted to meteorites.

Mineral Gallery
Gerdus Bronn, a friend of mine, has been involved with minerals for many years now and I can highly recommend you visit his site for good quality specimens.

Mining Plazza
Mining Industry Information Database.

Minral - Tivadar
My name is Tivadar Pécsi, I was born in Gyor,(Hungary) on the 5th of June, 1970. I have been interested in everything stone, rock or just generally related to Mother Nature since my childhood. I have been collected minerals more seriously for 15 years. Check out my site for more info!

Mineral Town
Rocks and minerals collecting. Resources and information for worldwide mineral and fossil collectors with articles, photos, videos, web site directory and search engine, and free classified ads.

Min Service
Worldwide and Rare Minerals for sale to mineral collectors. New minerals are added every week. All major credit cards are accepted.

Mineralogy Database
This mineral database contains 4,281 individual mineral species descriptions with links.

The Mineral Collectors Page

Namibian Brandberg Crystals
We have spent many years collecting and enjoying this treasure. Namibian Brandberg Crystals is a means by which we would like to share our love of crystals and make them available to others.

Namibia Minerals
Minerals specimens from Tsumeb, Erongo, Brandberg and other sites in Namibia, including amethyst, aquamarine, dioptase and azurite.

The Richard Dawkins

South African Society for Amateur Palaeontologists
(SASAP) was founded to act as a forum for the many people who are interested in fossils and evolution, something which the media and other scientific societies do not fully provide for.

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"Wholesale minerals, crystals, gemstones and fossils"