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       I grew up in South Africa in the mining town of Phalaborwa and in Cerro de Pasco, Peru.  It was in Peru at a young age that I developed an interest in minerals and geology and have been collecting minerals ever since. With a collection of over 3000 specimens, my area of interest is in the minerals of the Kalahari Manganese Field, the Phalaborwa Carbonatite,Nambia and in general southern African minerals including minerals of the late Bushveld Igneous events such as the Vergenoeg Fluorite deposit. I have a special interest in the minerals of Peru, especially its sulphides. I have had many opportunities to collect minerals at Vergenoeg mine and several other South African localities including the Pering Mine and Nchwaning II Mine.  I enjoy the tactile immediacy of collecting minerals and consider it to be the most enjoyable of hobbies. I am also very interested in geology with my main areas of interest in the rocks of Archean age, the origin of the Earth and the enigmatic processes leading to the origin of Life on Earth.  Other interests include meteorite impacts and their relation to extinction events (the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction event in particular) and the geology of Mars and the Moon.  I hold a master's degree (M.Sc.) in geology and a national diploma in analytical chemistry from the Univeristy of Johannesburg. 


         In 2001 I became a hobby mineral dealer and started My web site offers mineral specimens mainly from southern Africa and minerals from some international localities. Over the last year the focus of the web site has changed to include more specimens from Namibia and the Kalahari Manganese Field. I also buy and evaluate mineral collections, so please contact me if you are interested in selling or simply having your collection valued for which I will charge a nominal rate.  I hope that you enjoy my web site and stop to visit it from time to time.  If you feel I could improve the site in any way please let me know. If there are any particular minerals you wish me to search for I will do my best in sourcing them for you. I have an extensive network of dealers, miners and collectors.  You can e-mail me at or Below is a collection of photographs of various mineral collecting expeditions, mineral shows, fellow mineral collecting enthusiasts and an assortment of intriguing geology. I have added a few of my favourite specimens from my own collection (sorry, they are not for sale), from various sites.   

Allan (2015)
(Disclaimer: The locality information on this web site is for reference purposes only. You should never attempt to visit any sites listed in without first ensuring that you have the permission of the land and/or mineral rights holders for access and that you are aware of all safety precautions necessary. Please also note that we do not encourage the use of minerals for healing purposes. Many mineral species are potentially toxic. We will not be held responsible for any injury or death due to the handling or ingestion of toxic or radioactive minerals purchased from this web site.

July 2007, Pilanesberg National Park, Lenong View.


K/T Boundary layer exposed in the Bottaccione Valley near Gubbio, Umbria, Italy.

October 2009.  


My mineral collection in Peru, circa 1972


Paul Balayer of Kalahari Mineral Ventures and Allan at Paul's mineral workshop in May 2010.



My Peruvian collection as it is today (Feb 2010).
August 2014.  L:  Bruce Cairncross, Damian Kislig, Reiner Jackle, Herbert Haug, Ronnie
McKenzie, Paul Botha, Allan Fraser.


John Brodley and my father Bob Fraser in the Cerro de Pasco Open pit mine. 1973


Standing on Witwatersrand quartzite. August 2010.   Picure: O.Fraser.

Hoba meteorite, Grootfontein, Namibia.  June 2015. 

Bellavista village at Cerro de Pasco, Peru, 1970. Photograph by Robert Fraser


Steeply dipping fossil bearing limestone strata at 4200 meters above sea level, near

Cerro de Pasco, Peru. Photograph by Robert Fraser circa 1970.


Galena with Quartz, Pasto Bueno, Peru.  Specimen size: 6 x 4 cm.Specimen and

picture: A. Fraser


Realgar, Orpiment, Quartz replacing Barite, Palomo Mine, Peru. Specimen size:

12 x 8 cm.  Specimen and picture: A.Fraser


Barite on Dolomite. Cerro Warihuyn, Miraflores, Peru. The Barite is 7 x 4
cm in size.  Ex- Geoff Krasnov collection.  Picture and specimen: A. Fraser 


Collecting trip to Vergenoeg Mine, October 2004. Allan, Bruce Cairncross and
Wolf Windisch (kneeling).  Picture: Henk Smit
Wolf Windisch, micromounter extraordinaire, at Vergenoeg Mine, January
2006. Picture by Henk Smit.
Henk Smit at Vergenoeg Mine chipping away at the Siderite and Pyrite site.  February
2006. Picture by A. Fraser
Jens Gutzmer and Allan at Vergenoeg Mine, May 2004
Jens Gutzmer and Bruce Cairncross at Vergenoeg Mine, May 2004. Picture: A.Fraser
With a little help from technology ......
..... opening cavities at Vergenoeg Mine. May 2007 
Vergenoeg Mine. Me collecting at an freshly opened cavity containing goethite. 
January 2008. Picture by Bruce Cairncross. 
Vergenoeg Mine. Collecting at an freshly opened cavity containing goethite. 
January 2008. Picture by Bruce Cairncross.
Vergenoeg Mine. Examining a freshly exposed cavity lined with iridescent goethite.
January 2008. Picture Bruce Cairncross
A specimen I collected at Vergenoeg Mine - iridescent goethite with transluscent
fluorite. Specimen size: 6 x 4 cm.  Picture by Bruce Cairncross 
Iridescent Goethite,  Vergenoeg Mine, Specimen and picture Bruce Cairncross.
Vergenoeg mine - a 30 cm vug lined with stalictitic transluscent fluorite which
is on iridescent goethite.  Note the roof of the vug which has crystals of red iridescent
goethite.  2007. Picture: A. Fraser
Picking through the Azurite and Malachite site at Vergenoeg Mine, Wolf, Henk and
Bruce.  The Azurite vein runs near vertically through the orebody at this point. May
Allan underground at N'chwaning II Mine, April 2007. Olmiite and Bultfonteinite find.
N'chwaning II mine owned by Assmang.  Picture: A. Fraser
November 2004, Black Rock mine, left to Right: Bruce Cairncross, Paul  Balayer, Allan Fraser
Bruce Cairncross, Allan Fraser and Paul Balayer about to descend with the night shift
at N'chwaning II Mine, November 2004
Paul Balayer inspecting the 'hanging wall' for mineralisation, November 2004 at N'chwaning
II Mine. 
N'chwaning II Mine, cavity (~0.25 meter) in brecciated Manganese ore lined with needles of bultfonteinite
and poldervaartite. Picture A. Fraser
Bultfonteinite with Olmiite. 5 x 6 cm. N'chwaning II Mine. 
Specimen and picture: A. Fraser. Specimen collected in 2007 by Paul Balayer.
Inesite fan with pink Datolite.  Kalahari Manganese Field. Specimen size: 8 x 5 cm. 
Specimen and picture: A. Fraser
Brucite on Goethite.  3.9 x 2.6 x 2.2 cm. Nchwaning II mine. Specimen; A.Fraser 
photo: B.Cairncross
Inesite and Apophyllite from the Hotazel mine.  From a find in 1965.  Specimen size:
6 x 4 cm.  Specimen and picture: A. Fraser
Impressive calcite vein (~30 cm in diameter) in banded iron formation, N'chwaning II Mine.
Picture: A. Fraser, 2004.
Dusk ... N'chwaning II Mine, November 2004. Picture: A. Fraser
Oyelite pseudomorph after Calcite on calcite druse.  Specimen size: 5 x 4 cm.  Picture
and specimen: A. Fraser

Pale blue Celestite sprays with minor Celestite and Andradite and Hematite.
N'chwaning II mine. Specimen size is ~ 6 cm.  Specimen and picture: A. Fraser
Pink Rhodochrosite with Orlymanite from N'Chwaning II Mine. Specimen size: 12 x 9 cm. 
Specimen and picture: A.Fraser
Celestine (5 cm) spray on Hematite. N'chwaning II mine, Kalahari Manganese Field.
Picture and specimen: A.Fraser
Allan, Craig, Paul ... mineral talk.  Assmang Lodge, Black Rock, November 2004.
Picture B. Cairncross
Abandoned workings at the Black Rock Mine, Kalahari Manganese Field. 2004. Picture:
A. Fraser
Celestine coated with calcite stained orange by iron
oxide. 7 cm. N'chwaning II mine, Specimen A.Fraser,
picture by B.Cairncross
Rhodochrosite enclosed in Gypsum 6.4 cm. Enhydro bubble just visible in
left hand upper side of specimen.  Specimen: A.Fraser, photo: B.Cairncross
Buffalo Fluorite mine, Naboomspruit, Limpopo Province.  The mine has been closed for
several years now and was the source of only a limited number of collectible fluorite
specimens (as in the specimen below). Picture taken in June 2007, by A. Fraser
Specimen (11 x 6 cm) of deep purple fluorite from Buffalo Mine. Specimen and picture
A. Fraser
Wolf Windisch and Allan at Buffalo Mine, June 2007.
Mineral collecting at Monarch Cinnabar Mine (a defunct locality), Gravellote, Murchison
Range, July 2005. Picture: Richard Tasker
Monarch Cinnabar mine, circa 1940's.  Picture courtesy of Roger Harington

Some of the workings at Monarch Cinnabar mine, circa 1940's.  Picture courtesy of Roger Harington.

 View from the now defunct Monarch Cinnabar mine site and adit in the distance
(July 2005)
Native antimony with stibiconite from Consolidated Murchison Mine, Gravellote,
South Africa. Specimen size: 8 x 6 cm. Specimen and picture: A.Fraser
Red Cinnabar as thin layers in a talc carbonate schist from Monarch Cinnabar Mine.
Specimen is 15 cm. Specimen and picture: Bruce Cairncross
 Monarch Antimony Mine, Gravellote, Murchison Range. July 2005. Picure: A.Fraser
 At the summit of Mount Vesuvius, Napoli, Italy, September 2004
Palabora Open Pit mine as it was in May 2004. Most of the far left side has now collapsed.
Town of Phalaborwa in the distance. Picture: A. Fraser. Read more on the minerals of
Analcite with Fluorapophyllite and Pyrite.  Specimen size: 6 x 4 cm. Collected from
bench 28 Main Dyke, Palabora Open Pit mine, Phalaborwa. Specimen and Picture: A.
Fraser.  Specimen Ex - John Gliddon collected early 1980's.
A 14 x 11 cm pale green to clear mass of fluorapophyllite crystals with white mesolite
crystals. Palabora mine. Collected early 1980's by John Gliddon.  Specimen is ex-
Desmond Sacco collection.  Specimen and picture: A. Fraser
White Datolite spherules (~2mm) included in large (~3 cm) Apophyllite crystals. Specimen
size: 7 x 6 cm.  Palabora mine.  Specimen ex-John Gliddon collected in the 1980's.
Specimen and picture: A. Fraser
Orange coloured platy crystals of phlogopite on white calcite with micro octahedral
magnetite crystals and numerous scattered blue-green micro crystals of Sjogrenite.
Specimen size: 5 x 4 cm. Collected by John Gliddon in the 1980's.  Specimen and picture:
With large Apophyllite, Calcite and Datolite specimen from Palabora.
Specimen of the Museum of the Geological Survey South Africa.
Picture: Ellen De Kock, September 2011.
Foskor Open Pit Mine at Phalaborwa.  Picture taken in April 2007 by Steve Gomersall. 
Danilo Rolando at the booth at the 2007 Bologna Mineral and Fossil
Show, Italy. booth at the Bologna Mineral and Fossil Show, Italy, March 2007
November 2006, Dinner in Torino with my Italian mineral friends after
the Torino Mineral Show. Right of me is Athos Locatelli, left of me is
Fabrizio Ferrero then Fulvio GiachinoFrancesco BedogneEzio Gianoli
and closest to the camera on the right is Danilo Rolando.  
Rosh Pinah Mine, Rosh Pinah, Namibia. September 2006. Picture: A.Fraser
Road to Rosh Pinah from Orangemund, Namibia.  Rare covering of grass and flowers to
due to the good summer rains.  September 2006. Picture: A. Fraser
The Fish River Canyon, Namibia - rocks deeply incised by the Fish River over millions
of years. Picture: A. Fraser
Mineral dealers near Uis, Namibia. Picture A. Fraser.  Circa 2002
Barite on Goethite. 4 cm. Okoroso Mine.
Specimen and picture: A. Fraser
The vastness of Namibia - road somewhere between Vioolsdrift and Granau. Picture:
A. Fraser. September 2006.
Skorpion Zinc mine near Rosh Pinah, Namibia. 2002. Photo courtesy J.Gutzmer. Read
more on the Skorpion deposit at this link:
Barite.  Rosh Pinah mine, Namibia. Specimen ex-Karl Sprich.  Size: 8 x 6 cm. Specimen
and picture A.Fraser
A single gemmy Cerussite crystal on Smithsonite and Goethite. 3 x 2 cm. Rosh Pinah
mine, Namibia. Specimen and picture:A.Fraser.  Specimen is ex-collection of Albert
Rosh Pinah mine and town, southern Namibia.  Picture: Gisela Hinder
Evidence of Snowball Earth as glacial diamictites near Rosh Pinah,
Namibia.  Note the large drop-stones. Picture: Gisela Hinder
 Evidence of Snowball Earth as glacial diamictites near Rosh Pinah,
Namibia. Note the large drop-stones. Picture: Gisela Hinder
Rare Albite crystals with Quartz (6 cm). Rosh Pinah mine.  Specimen and picture:
Green balls of Zincolibethenite from Skorpion mine, Namibia. Specimen size:
5 x 3 cm. Specimen and picture: A. Fraser
Yellow Smithsonite on Goethite from Rosh Pinah mine. Specimen size: 3 x 3 cm.
Specimen and picture: A.Fraser
SEM image of crystals of Skorpionite from Skorpion mine. Image courtesy J. Gutzmer
Bob Fraser, Allan Fraser, Louis Coetzee and Herman van Niekerk at Witkop Fluorite
mine. Note large stromatolite dome and paleocaves in the background. November 2005
Headgear of The Deeps Shaft, Aggenys, South Africa. 2006. Picture: A. Fraser
 Headgear of The Deeps Shaft, Aggenys, South Africa. August 2014. Picture: A. Fraser
8 x 6.5 x 6 cm.  A carbonate and sulphide epimorph cast (4 x 4 cm) of calcite. Broken
Hill mine, Aggenys. Unknown white mineral. Specimen and picture: A. Fraser 
Left to Right:Gerdus Bronn, Allan Fraser, Frank Hissong and Paul Balayer at
Black Rock Mine, May 2006
Viewing the collection of Pieter du Bruyn; Left to Right: Frank Hissong, Allan
and Pieter du Bruyn, May 2006
Viewing Des Sacco's collection - Frank closes in on heaven!   Frank Hissong and Bruce
Geoff Krasnov at road cutting of banded iron-formation
near Kuruman, May 2006
Geoff Krasnov and Des Sacco, May 2006
Frank Hissong, Erongo, May 2006. Picture: G. Krasnov
Allan, Donald Riekert and Frank Hissong at Don's house in Kuruman.  Looking through
material from Wessels and N'chwaning Mines. May 2006
Donald Riekert (1947 - 2011), mineral dealer, poet, writer,
raconteur and photographer. Picture taken in 2010 by Ludi von Bezing.
Pink and red Rhodochrosite just brought to the surface from the N'chwaning I mine.
May 2006. Picture: A. Fraser
250 million year old glacial pavements at Barkly West.
Collecting natrolite from Drakensberg Basalt. Witsieshoek. September 2007
Natrolite filling solution cavity in basalt. Coin for size.  Witsieshoek, Drakensberg
Mountains. Picture: A.Fraser
Pits dug by artisinal quartz miners at Boekenhouthoek, KwaNdebele. November
2004. Picture: A. Fraser
Colin Corser with artisinal quartz miners at Boekenhouthoek, KwaNdebele
with large rock covered with literally hundreds of quartz-amethyst crystals. 
Today this piece is part of my 'larger-specimens' collection.  November 2004

Two black quartz crystals with multiple terminations from Boekenhouthoek. 
Size: 9 x 5 cm. Pitcure and specimen: A.Fraser
Large box-cuts in the ore at Ryedale Manganese Mine near Ventersdorp. 2006. Fossils
leaves of the extinct glossopteris tree are found in abundance here along with the
mineral, pyrolusite.  The remains of an a delta during the Permian period ~250 million
years ago. Picture: A. Fraser. Wolf Windisch and mine owner Hennie Lombard in the
Uwe Konig, Allan, Wolf Windisch, Henk Smit at Big Ben Mine in 2006
Sunrise on the Rio Negro, Brazilian Rain Forest, August 2002. Picture:
Impressive syenite plug forming a lone hill above the Lowveld plain at Phalaborwa.
Picture: A. Fraser, April 2007
Headgear of the old Blyvooruitzicht Mine, Far West Rand,
Witwatersrand field. A gold-uranium mine located 40 miles SW of
Johannesburg. Both my grandfather and father worked at this mine. 
Picture: A.Fraser, January 2008
Pering open cast mine near Reivilo, South Africa. September 2008.  The Pering deposit
is the oldest Mississippi-Valley-Type deposit on earth and is of Paleoproterozoic age.
Picture: A. Fraser
 Pering mine, September 2008.  Mineral specimen collecting. Left to right: Colin Corser,
Wolf Windisch, Owen Garvie, Martin Hengstberger, Allan Fraser
alright ......who stole my sphalerite specimen?
Picture Martin Hengstberger. Pering mine, September 2008
Sphalerite crystal from Pering mine.  13 x magnification. Picture and specimen: Wolf
~ 2 meter rock with a mass of stromalite domes. Pering Mine
Picture: Martin Hengstberger, September 2008
Martin Hengstberger and Wolf Windisch in Vryburg post Pering trip.  September, 2008
Honey coloured Sphalerite crystals on pearly dolomite crystals from Pering mine. Collected
in September 2008.  Specimen size: 5 x 3 cm.  Specimen: Owen Garvie, Picture: A.Fraser
Double terminated water - clear quartz crystals on pearly dolomite.  Pering mine.
Collected in person in June 2003. Size: 6 x 5 cm.  Picture and specimen: A.Fraser
Natrolite with Apophyllite on Kimberlite matrix. Jagersfontein Diamond
Mine.  Specimen and picture: A. Fraser. Size: 6 x 6 cm.
EuroMineral Show 2008, Torino Italy, 2008.  Left to Right: Danielle Respino, Athos
Locateli, Sandro Maggia, Allan Fraser
My friends, Danilo and Anna Rolando with part of their impressive collection. 
Torino, Italy October 2008. Picture: A.Fraser
9 x 6 cm. An old-time specimen of lightly iridescent, golden to bronze-colored
chalcopyrite crystals from the famous Nababeep West Mine of South Africa's
O'kiep Copper District. The sharp, bladed crystals reach 2.0 cm on the sintered
quartz matrix. Specimen A.Fraser, ex-Bruce Cairncross. Picture: A.Fraser
Rare Albite with Quartz from Rosh Pinah mine, Namibia. 7 cm.  Specimen and picture:
A divergent fan of Millerite (3 cm fan) in marble from Pafuri, Limpopo Province,
South Africa. Collected by Martin Hengstberger. Specimen and picture: A.Fraser
Chrysocolla pseudomorph after Malachite. Chi Mine, Pilgrims Rest, South Africa. 
Specimen size: 8 x 6 cm.  Old-time specimen from this gold mining area of South Africa.
Dolomitic pinnacle with stromatolite fossils.  A fossilised ecosystem dating back 3 billion
years. Leseka, NW Province, South Africa. Picture by B.Cairncross. April 2011
Horst Windisch (1932-2011). Photograph by Amour Venter  at the Uis Gemboree
in 2008.  Horst is seen standing in front of the Brandberg mountain.
 Yes, Ronnie, it is a new meteorite craterLOL  Photo:A.Fraser
Coronadite, 4 cm, Rosh Pinah mine, Namibia. Acknowledgment for identification
of coronadite goes to Dr Barbara Cavalazzi who used the Assore Raman instrument
and the SEM at the University of Johannesburg’s Geology Department, and
Dr Sabine Verryn of XRD Analytical & Consulting, who provided XRD
analyses to identify the coronadite. Bruce Cairncross specimen and photograph.
Tarbuttite from Broken Hill, Zambia. ~9cm. An old-timer piece, ex Danilo
Rolando.  Picture: D.Rolando.
Vergenoeg mine.  Wolf Windisch in the foreground. January 2013. 

Headgear of the defunct De Wet shaft at Tsumeb.  June 2015.  Photograph:
A. Fraser